Pet Translator: Prank Sounds

Translate cat talk & dog bark

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Dog bark and cat noises are the way our furry friends communicate. But do you ever wonder what your pet means with these sounds?

Pet Translator will help you understand what your cat or dog says and show you how to talk to your pet. The app’s built-in pet sounds allow you to know if they are happy or sad. It’s a fun game to bond with cats and dogs. Watch how they would react to the prank sounds, relax and relieve stress.


Innovative Pet Simulator App
Our pet language app offers a wide range of options for you to communicate with cats and dogs. You can find all the most common pet emotions on our sound boards:
- Dog Translator
- Cat Translator
- Human-to-Cat Translator
- Human-to-Dog Translator

100+ Prank Sounds to Play With Pets
Explore our collections of simulated pet sounds. Understand what the woof’s and hisses mean. Prank them with our meow talk and dog bark features and burst in laughter seeing their silly reaction towards the noise.


- Easily share with friends: Record a video of your pet reacting to the sound simulator and let everyone know that you can talk to your dog
- Fun cat and dog games for pet lovers
- Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
- Multiple language supported


Q: Can I suggest any pet sounds to be added?
A: Sure, just drop us an email and we’ll figure out if it can be interesting for other users.

Q: Can I suggest any features?
A: Yes, drop us an email. Let’s have fun with our lovely pets.

Q: Can I download pet sounds from the app?
A: No, you can’t.

Q: Can Pet Translator really translate pet language?
A: Our application is more like a whole pet simulation one. All pet sounds are interpreted in a pet simulator app concept. All the functionalities of the app are just for entertainment purposes.
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